About Us

Cardio 1 was created with the intention of improving the community care for patients living with cardio-metabolic conditions, including various forms of heart disease and diabetes. Building on models proven elsewhere around the country, we wanted to provide patients with an accessible clinic that focused on their specific treatment requirements.

Our model is only achievable if we have a team of healthcare providers working in collaboration with one another. We have individualized programs and treatment plans for newly diagnosed patients that help these patients, their families, and the healthcare team keep to a structured and guideline based system. This provides patients with better outcomes and reduced complications due to progression of disease or unoptimized therapies.

Through a network of family physicians, walk-in services, pharmacies, and allied healthcare providers, LifeSmart Health works closely with Cardio 1 to give patients additional options to manage their care. As our teams operate on a unified network, we can improve access and communication between primary care physicians and our specialists. This can lead to reduced wait time and improve treatment outcomes, while providing better efficiencies within our clinic network.